1. Gently Brush

Opt for a soft toothbrush or a nailbrush when cleaning your wicker or straw to delicately remove dry dirt or dust. Exercise caution while doing so. Be gentle!

2. Use A Damp Cloth To Clean

For any stubborn marks, use a damp cloth to gently wipe away troublesome dirt. Ensure the cloth is not overly wet to prevent any potential damage. Let your bag thoroughly dry before storing it!

3. Storage

Steer clear of placing your basket near artificial heat or direct sunlight, as this may cause your bag to become brittle and develop burn marks.

4. Shape / Bag Strength

Avoid overfilling your basket, as excessive weight may lead to tearing and snapping of the weaves. Send it in before damage occurs so we can reinforce pressured areas and handles.

5. Nourishing and Protecting Leather

If your basket has leather straps or detailing, make sure you condition these areas as this will help to keep them strong. Apply a small amount (pea-sized!) of appropriate leather cream – a little goes a long way to your leather. Then buff with a clean cloth.

6. Protect with Dustbags

Store your basket in the dustbag provided to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in the grooves and for general safe keeping.

7. Keep Suncream, Pens & Make-Up in Sealed Bags

Most of our bags come with a detachable inner pouch - Make sure you keep suncream, makeup, and pens inside an inner bag within your basket to prevent irreversible damage. This not only makes things easier to find but also reduces the risk of stains on the shell of the bag which can often be irreversible.

8. Avoid Damp & Humidity

Keep your basket away from humid environments to prevent mold and potential damage.

9. Damage from excess oils/ creams

Be careful of handling your bag with extra oily or well creamed hands. Some unidentified oils may cause the hand painted edge to come away, leaving marks on your hands and causing potential damage to your bag. Please do handle with love and care!