We are a female-founded, purpose-driven small business dedicated to preserving the environment, empowering communities, and creating a positive impact. We prioritize ethical partnerships with artisan collectives, support businesses that uplift women, and advocate for fair treatment of workers. Our vision is to promote transparent, ethical, and sustainable global supply chains while empowering artisans for the future of handcrafts.


Our primary materials are straw and raffia, which are not only iconic and timeless but also 100% biodegradable and compostable. After you're done with your bag, simply cut it up and add it to your compost pile, where it will decompose in a matter of months. Straw and raffia are valuable additions to compost, as they accelerate decomposition, yielding finished compost more quickly.

Regarding our handles, we're exploring the use of genuine leathers and vegan leathers to strike a balance between sustainability and ethics.

We prioritize recycled and non-plastic-coated materials in our packaging, ensuring a joyful unboxing experience while using minimal packaging. Every purchase includes a natural cotton drawstring bag for protection and longevity of your bag.



We are committed to producing in small batch quantities only, aiming to achieve a complete sell out before embarking on new designs or re-stocking. This offers a kind supply chain relationship with our artisan makers and encourages a zero waste result with our inventory.


At Bambi and Rose, we proudly collaborate with a Moroccan basketry cooperative, uniting more than 200 talented women artisans.

Our partnership is founded on the core mission of empowering women, especially those facing challenging circumstances, by offering them a reliable source of income within a nurturing and conducive work environment. This enables them to achieve financial independence and thrive.